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Exercising, even a small amount, benefits older adults!

Exercising and stretching are important to maintain mobility
Exercising and stretching are important to maintain mobility


  • Many studies have recognized the importance of exercising, especially in older individuals. Some physical activity is better than none in decreasing mobility issues in the elderly (Journal of American Medical Association – May 2014).
  • Flexibility and balance training, combined with walking, with a goal of 30 minutes at least for a total of 150 minutes a week reduced major health complications from poor mobility.
  • Walking, strength, and balance training decreased muscle loss in the elderly, and a structured physical activity routine is probably a great way to reduce disability in the elderly.
  • You may have wondered why some older people end up never walking again after a brief illness. They are doomed to a bed-bound existence because they suffer from sarcopenia, or muscle loss. That muscle does not come back, hence the need to preserve and maintain the strength one has before illness strikes so they do not lose mobility.
  • You should consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program. Local senior centers or health clubs may have exercise programs for older adults. It is best to have a training partner to give you more motivation to work out.
  • As one ages, it is very important to stay active and maintain what muscle mass that you have.
  • Tai Chi helps maintain balance and muscle strength.
    Tai Chi helps maintain balance and muscle strength.


  • Tai chi is a proven method of helping with balance and strength maintenance. It is low-impact, using slow, gentle bodily exercises and can alleviate a variety of physical and mental disorders.
  • Tai chi is effective in pain reduction, since physical inactivity results in increased pain and muscle mass loss. It is important to maintain flexibility and balance, both of which Tai Chi provides. Studies have shown that Tai Chi reduces the amount of falling in Parkinson’s disease.
  • Tai Chi allows you to manage your stress more effectively.
  • There are a variety of DVD’s available which demonstrate how to practice Tai Chi. Likewise, local resources in your community may offer Tai Chi classes.