Cefaly: A new Migraine Prevention tool!

Cefaly: The new Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator to prevent Migraines
Cefaly: The first transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator to prevent Migraines


  • The FDA has approved of the use of Cefaly  (Cefaly technologies)to prevent episodic migraines in patients over 18 years old. Another device, the SpringTMS (eNeura)  is approved for migraine prevention and treatment in patients that have migraines with auras. The SpringTMS devise is a transcranial magnetic stimulation device, different from the Cefaly.
  • Simply attach a sticky electrode to your forehead and lower the headband, which has a pulse generator in it, and you are ready for your treatment.
  • It stimulates the trigeminal nerve in the face and produces a tingling sensation. Each treatment lasts 20 minutes once a day and is relatively pain-free.
  • There was a significant decrease in the  number of migraine days per month by 50% (PREMICE trial).
  • The more migraine headaches you have per month (especially if more than 6), the better the results for this treatment. In effect, you use less anti-migraine medications, but your headaches, when they do occur, are just as severe, but fewer in number per month.
  • The device cannot be used if you have a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator or metallic devices in your head.
  • Some patients complained of insomnia.
  • This treatment seems to work well in half of all patients who tried it.
  • Any personal experience with this device? Please comment!! See the link below for the product page:


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